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The Self-Care Experience's
for Educators


It's our mission to restore the passion and enthusiasm of education through educator self-care practices.


When we truly invest in our educators and their growth, we create a healthy school climate--which leads to a better world for us and generations to come.


Truly changing the trajectory of education and how we value our educators.

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Restore! The Self-Care Experience

for Educators

Image by Nubelson Fernandes

If you’re ready to realign yourself or restore the passion in your school, you have reached your destination.

Educators are responsible for the behaviors, emotions, and wellbeing of others all day long.


In a profession where society portrays educators as the givers to the point where self-care becomes frowned upon, I relate all too well.


I hadn't developed a high love of self nor thought I deserved time solely dedicated to my wellness and self-care when I was teaching in the school system.

I was sure I was there to serve everyone else and put myself dead last.


I mean…there was no class in college that taught us how to manage day to day stress as an Educator or how to communicate our needs and boundaries during those overwhelming days.

It’s time to normalize educators prioritizing their mental, physical, and emotional health.


Because they are the heart of the school and wellness is the key.

Do you think so?

This is for the educator who is ready to reignite their joy for "the calling" of educator but still struggling with the thought that their self-care is the key,

Or for an administrator that is ready to invest in the wellness of their educators in order to produce a healthy school culture and climate.

Ready to restore the passion and enthusiasm in your school or realign yourself?

Check out our 2 different coaching experiences below, and decide what’s the best fit for you.

Teacher and Student
Copy of Self-Care Experience Presentation (1).png
Copy of Copy of Self-Care Experience Presentation (1).png

What happens when you Realign or Restore?


-identify and address the triggers that lead to your overwhelming stress


-develop intentions that help keep you accountable while achieving your goals


-discover and establish boundaries you will enforce regularly


-celebrate yourself to excess with positive affirmations that boost your confidence


-practice mindfulness activities that you can apply to your daily self-care


-and personalize a lifelong self-care plan that is specific to you, your purpose, and your desires

If you're a school administrator, please book a call below, and I will contact you with details about Restore! Let's see if it's an experience fit for your school.

-3 (60 minute) 1:1 coaching sessions

-1:1 Voxer Support

-2 follow up calls after program completion

Access to various mindfulness activities

-Digital workbook

-Self-Care Package

-Reiki session

-1:1 session recordings and much more!

Teacher Helping Student


If so, let's book a call to discuss the details of one of our 2 experiences Restore or Realign.

If you desire more information, but aren't quite ready to book a call, sign up below for more details on Restore or Realign.

Be on the lookout for a follow up email with more information!

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