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The Link 2 Join Hearts
An Interactive Parent-Child 
Communication Journal by
Brooke Toulon Clay, M.Ed.

Parent & Me
First Edition
Get yours TODAY!

Want a deeper connection with your child?

Lack of communication negatively impacting you and your child?

Resulting in a repetitive pattern of parental abuse?

I saw this destructive behavior in myself, and knew I wanted generational curses to end with me.


Fun, open, and healthy communication replaces the constant yelling and extremely low patience when you implement our Parent and Me communication journal into your lives. 


Conversation starters, self-esteem building games, journal writing pages, coloring pages and so much more inside!

Click that button, and get your Parent and Me communication journal today!


Viewing Scrapbooks

Any Parent...

that wants a healthy relationship with their child and is willing to make a commitment to creating a deeper connection with them!

Image by Santi Vedrí

Any Child...

that deserves the best version of their parent!

Mother and Daughter Love
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"When you sit down to write with an open heart, you often wind up sharing what you did not even know you had to say."

-Klauser, Henriette."Put Your Heart on Paper"., 08 Aug.1995,


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"My son and I LOVE this journal! He looks forward to the activities and I feel us getting closer!"


"This course was very good, with an excellent Instructor! I, especially enjoyed the role play with everyday questions and/or situations!!! Thanks for this engaeging experience ;)... Peace and Blessings, always..."


"This course has been very enlightening and helpful. It was easy to learn and follow. Good pace."


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