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You’ll Be Alright: The Short Story

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Ashlin hadn’t been focused in school at all today. She leaned her face toward the window—pressing her mouth and nose into the glass.

She rode the entire way home like this.

All she wanted to do was sprint to her room, plop herself back on her bed, and listen to that new Jake album.

She walked in on her mom on the phone,

“Yeah. He came to get the last of his things today. (Her mom turns around to see her standing their with a blank face.) Hold on. Ashlin just walked in.”

“Hey sweetie. How was school?”

Ashlin barely replied, “fine. I’m going to my room. And can you please stop talking about my dad—especially about how he doesn’t live here anymore.”

She was used to seeing her dad everyday of her entire life.

Toooo. Every other weekend and holidays.

Ashlin felt a lot of feelings, but what she felt the most was ANGRY.

Her mom knew she wasn’t okay, but told her friend, “she’ll get over it. She’ll just have to get used to seeing her dad every other weekend.”

Ashlin over heard her moms remarks and couldn’t take it anymore, “I’ll never get used to my dad not being here and not seeing him everyday!”

“You’ll be alright Ashlin. It’ll get better. You’ll see.”

Ashlin was not alright. It didn’t get better. And people were starting to notice.

Her teacher was the first to speak up and referred her to the school counselor.

Where she revealed how much she missed her dad and their bedtime handshake.

She was empty without his morning melodies.

And ANGRY that her mom was okay.

And that she really thought Ashlin would just “get over it.”

Like her dad was some obstacle course.

The anger was building. Her behavior was out of control. Something needed to happen fast or Ashlin‘s anger will get even harder to manage.

We have to figure out where the anger is coming from. What is happening right before the anger begins?

She can’t control her feelings of anger, but can control how she expresses it.

What are some different strategies Ashlin could use to safely express her anger?

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