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Parenting is HARD work.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

To be successful in any relationship you have to be willing to put in the work. Your relationship with your child is no different. I wanted to talk with you about why working towards your goals with your child isn’t working and what you could do instead. Parenting is HARD work. Let’s get to work.

3 Reasons Why Working Toward Goals With Your Child Aren’t Working and What You 2 Can Do Instead:

1. You work on your goals together every now and then. What happens if you eat every now and then? Your body stops trusting you—you lose muscle mass, damage your heart, and destroy your bones. What about if you show up to your job every now and then? Your boss and colleagues stop trusting you—your integrity is questioned and you will eventually lose your job. When you work on your goals with your child every now and then, your child won’t trust the power of setting goals and will see goal achieving as impossible.

Be consistent when working towards your goals. Start by setting your goals TOGETHER. Make a clear and concise plan on the necessary steps you need to take to achieving them. Be intentional and honest with your child—show them what reliability looks like.

2. You don’t have enough time. How much time have you spent scrolling on social media this week? Or talking on the phone with your friends? You made the time for social media. You made the time for your friends. If you make goals with your child, you have to also carve out the time to work on those goals. When you choose other things over your goals, your child will too. They not only won’t see the value in creating goals but working towards them.

Make the time for working towards your goals. There is always enough time. You have to MAKE the time. We make the time for the things that we want. You’ve planned out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Now create a plan for when you will make the time to actually work towards those goals (every Monday; twice a week). This ties in with being consistent and reliable—your child will see that you GENUINELY care about achieving goals WITH them.

3. You don’t acknowledge when you’ve actually achieved a goal. When you completed a team project at work and you played a large part in making it a success, did you receive the compliment given solely to you or say it was a group effort? What about when your entire house looks spick and span because of your hard work? Do you congratulate yourself on a job well done, or do you immediately think of how your children are going to ruin all of your hard work? If your child doesn’t see you celebrate your accomplishments, they won’t know that they should celebrate theirs too. Eventually, they won’t even notice accomplishments when they occur.

Celebrate EVERY SINGLE accomplishment. When you create any goal, and you write it down and you make a plan, celebrate the WINS. The wins that you deem tiny and insignificant matter just as much as the wins you deem ASTRONOMICAL. Label every single win as COSMIC. Celebrate yourself every chance you get because YOU did it! Your child will learn to celebrate themselves too. You’re the template that they will use when they’re figuring out what’s important. Show them that you love yourself enough to celebrate YOU whenever you get the chance.

Like I said. Relationships require work. And parenting is hard work. Being a parent is one of the largest RESPONSIBILITIES you will ever have. Be intentional, Be reliable, and think ASTROMICALLY! You won’t go wrong. You won’t get it right every time and so what. You are putting in the work. Your child will see and follow your lead.

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